Fleek users should take note of a significant change on the horizon: we’ll be sunsetting Fleek.co & fully migrating to Fleek.xyz towards the end of Q2 2024. This transition marks more than just a domain change: it’s a significant move towards a more robust, resilient, and future-proof platform.

Migration phases

To ensure we transition smoothly without disrupting our users’ Fleek experience, we’re separating the road towards sunsetting the old platform in different sequential phases which are outlined below. This will help ensure that the migration is up to our standards and every user has a fantastic experience. During this time, we will continue to support fleek.co while assisting those users with the migration.

After a prudent period of co-existence between the platforms and when the goals of these processes are met, we will be shutting down Fleek.co.

✅ Complete: Test the CLI and SDK for use with our new architecture

In this phase, users can interact in a very limited capacity with our SDK and CLI to store files, deploy their sites, and configure custom domains on top of it.

🚧 In progress: Release alpha version of the Fleek.xyz platform, finalize migration process

The next phase involves releasing the alpha version of the new platform, which will allow us to test the new UI and to show the capabilities of the platform in a closed environment. During this phase, we will be collecting feedback actively and setting the groundwork for customer support moving forward. While we test the stability of the platform, collect feedback, and optimize the UI flows, we will be focusing on finishing the features that are needed to achieve feature parity between Fleek.co & Fleek.xyz. Additionally, in this period we will develop the migration flow for users.

🔮 Q2 2024: Release Fleek Platform V1, migrate user data, troubleshoot any migration issues that arise

Once all of the above is achieved we will be releasing to the public what we will identify as Fleek Platform V1, the first stable version that will run in parallel with the old platform. At this point, we will be stopping signups on Fleek.co and begin migrating data to Fleek.xyz. During this phase, we will continue to support assets that fail to migrate until we can troubleshoot these issues or their users elect to forgo their migration.

Key migration details

The entire migration process will take less than a minute for most users. Our goal is to create a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your workflow. During the migration process, we will attempt to automatically migrate all accounts, sites, and files from Fleek.co to Fleek.xyz well in advance of the official sunset date. Assets that are unsuccessfully ported will be troubleshooted and flagged for some time before they are deprecated. After you migrate (either before or after official sunsetting of Fleek.co), accessing/managing your accounts, sites, and files on Fleek.xyz will be identical to the analogous workflows on Fleek.co.

Fleek.co SDK deprecation

As part of the migration to Fleek.xyz and sunsetting of Fleek.co, the Fleek.co Storage SDK will also be sunset. This means that aside from migrating accounts, sites, and files, developers will also want to switch any previous references to the Fleek.co SDK in their codebase to the new Fleek.xyz SDK. This will ensure applications and projects continue to be fully functional without any hiccups post-sunset and deprecation of Fleek.co.

Throughout the migration, we will make sure you have all the tools, information, and time to make the change comfortably and confidently. Expect to see detailed guides and white-glove support on both manual and automated migration options. As mentioned, the whole process will be as as frictionless and abstracted away from your user experience as possible. For those who want to get familiar with the new Fleek.xyz platform early, feel free to reach out and we’ll get you access to the beta. For the latest updates and support through this process, join our Discord community here.

Looking ahead

We have audacious plans for the Fleek.xyz and are excited for everyone to migrate over in the coming months. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you have about this process. ⚡