A gateway is a service offered by the Fleek Platform that enables you to deliver your content to your users via a custom domain. This means you can serve your content through a domain like rather than

Gateways are private since they only permit files pinned in the user account to be served. By allowing you to set up a custom domain, it adds an additional branding opportunity and control of your app business.

Creating a private gateway

To create a private gateway you will need to have a Fleek project and a custom domain. Currently we are making mandatory that each private gateway has at least one custom domain associated with it to avoid abuse.

To create a gateway using the CLI you will need to run the following command:

fleek gateways create

Then, you have to follow the wizard:

Enter private gateway name (eg. first): … my-first-gateway
Success! The private gateway "my-first-gateway" was created.

Next, you’ll have to set up the correct DNS Records to make sure that your domain points to the CDN pull zone. Should be very familiar with custom domain configuration.

The CLI will provide you with the DNS records you need to add to your domain DNS settings.

> Update DNS records for "":
> CNAME @ <your-pullzone-id>

Once you’ve set up your DNS records, you should validate them. To start this process, press any key in the CLI. This will activate a verification procedure to ensure the DNS records are properly configured.

> Press any key as soon as you configure your domain provider for verification.
Success! The Domain "" was verified.

Now that your domain is verified, you can start using it to serve your content. For example, Fleek Storage content will now appear under

Gateway Settings

To access the Gateway settings, use the gateways detail command.

fleek gateways detail
Choose existing private gateway: beefy-clever-autumn

ID                         Slug                 Name                    Created At
cljqwfv790002lc08g6nmf8e0  beefy-clever-autumn  my-first-gateway  2023-07-06T08:41:58.963Z

> You can access your content through domains bellow:

Adding a custom domain to an existing gateway

To add a domain to an existing gateway you will need to run the following command:

fleek domains create

Next, you’ll have to select the private gateway option, the gateway you want to assign it to, and respond to the wizard prompts.

Choose what do you want domain create for: Private gateway
Choose existing private gateway: my-first-gateway
Enter domain name (eg. …

The maining process should be familiar to the previous steps.

  1. Creates the domain
> Success! Domain "" successfully created.
  1. Requests for the DNS record settings update
> Update DNS records for "":
> CNAME @ <your-pullzone-id>
> Press any key as soon as you configure your domain provider for verification.
  1. Once verified, provides a confirmation message
> Success! Domain "" was verified.