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Hosting on Fleek

Web3 devs 🤍️ hosting on Fleek

All you need is a repo or a template to get your app live in under a minute. Comes with built in CI/CD, IPFS content addressing, decentralized storage (Filecoin/Arweave) and CDN/Edge (Fleek Network soon™).

globe with bolt
Build Seamlessly
Automated CI/CD, git integrations, deploy previews, CLI & SDK’s.
globe with bolt
Work Colaboratively
Invite your team, share deploy previews, test builds and track activity.
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Deploy Globally
The Fleek Edge helps your app load lightning fast worldwide

CI/CD the way you want it

Whether you want Fleek to handle the entire build and deployment, or you want a custom CI/CD flow, we got you.
Git Integration
Git integration, actions & check runs
Deploy Previews
Deploy previews with every pull request
Name Services Updates
Automated DNS, ENS, SSL, IPFS & CDN updates
Fast as Fleek
Your users hate slow loadingapp and mobile statistics. That’s why we deploy everything to the Fleek Edge, making your app lightning fast all over the world.
Improve your SEO
Reduce bounce rates
Get more users
True Web3 Hosting
We don’t just take speed seriously, but also web3. We combine multiple web3 technologies/protocols to help create a true decentralized modern web stack and services.
IPFS Content Addressing
IPFS Content Addressing
ENS Domains
ENS Domains
Decentralized Storage
Decentralized Storage (Filecoin, Arweave)
Decentralized Edge
Decentralized Edge (Fleek Network soonTM)
NFA’s (Non-Fungible Apps soomTM)
Works with every chain/protocol