Welcome to the documentation for the beta of Fleek Templates. Whether you’re building a static website or a smart-contract-powered application, you’ll find a wide variety of tempaltes to jump-start your project.

What can you find here?

This documentation page provides an overview of the available templates for different use cases. Here you can find a brief description of each template and how to use them.

Jamstack templates

If you are looking to build a web application that leverages the power of JavaScript and Markup, check out our Jamstack templates. We currently offer the following templates:

Next.jsBlank starter kit for Next.js
ReactBlank starter kit for React
astroBlank starter kit for Astro
vueBlank starter kit for Vue
gatsbyBlank starter kit for Hugo

Protocol templates

We also offer templates that make it easy to build decentralized applications using certain protocols. Currently, we support the following protocol templates:

Lens - Starter KitMinimal social media application using Lens Protocol.

Contributing to Fleek Templates

We welcome your feedback & contributions. If you couldn’t find the template you were looking for, please open an issue in the Fleek templates repository and describe your request, or if you want to add a new template please follow the instructions in the README.md file of the Fleek templates repository.