Are you a user and want to test the Alpha?

Are you a user and want to test the Alpha?

The Fleek Alpha release is here! If you’re coming from, you might be wondering: Is this a test? Is it time to migrate? What should I do?

To answer the most pressing questions and set clear expectations, we’ve prepared a comprehensive FAQ for existing users. Here’s a TLDR if you’re short on time:

Still have some questions? Keep reading.

Is this alpha release of the time to migrate or to test?

The purpose of this Alpha release of is to test. While most functionality for feature parity is ready, this closed alpha release of Fleek has been designed to stress-test our infrastructure and test, not to migrate apps fully just yet.

We will be using this period to gather feedback, optimize performance of the platform, and polish the experience for our upcoming public V1 release. We want to make improvements with real testing usage.

Testing! GLaDOS would be proud.

Migration tools for users will go live with the release of the V1 version of the platform, coming this September. This will kickstart our sunsetting & migration process.

As a user, can I participate in the closed alpha period?

Of course you can, and you should! Anyone can get whitelisted to try the alpha release. We hope you tinker as much as we can until the release of Version 1 of

Visit our Discord to get whitelisted to access the alpha!

Can I sign into the alpha with my current credentials?

To sign in to the alpha of you will need to create a new account. Credentials from won’t work, as both sites are not connected yet: your alpha dashboard won’t have any of your sites, domains or files from

Should I sign up with a different email/wallet? Will it impact the migration process in the future?

To facilitate migration later in the future, we recommend using the same method of signup in both and alpha, but you can use any method (such as email or a wallet) you like.

Our one-click migration will include a process to connect both accounts, even if signup details are different.

I still want to migrate my sites manually to this alpha platform. What can happen?

If you still want to test your site live on the alpha manually, we warn you: alpha is not a stable release (in the dev sense of the word). Things may change unexpectedly, or functionality could be missing. All manual migration should be done at your own risk.

If I want to wait, when are V1 and the migration tools coming?

The public V1 of, including a one-click migration for users, is coming in Q1 2024. We absolutely recommend you to wait for our migration process to be ready! We’re planning to do it as easy as possible for you.

Should I expect changes for now? Can I still create an account there?

You can still create an account on, and nothing will change on the platform until the sunsetting period starts. However, some functionalities have already been limited (such as storage) in preparation for the new platform’s release.

Some things to consider ⚡

This alpha of is a place to experience the new UI and to explore the new features. Whether you come with a totally fresh perspective or have big expectations coming from, we encourage you to try it, break it, and have fun with it.

To have in mind:

And finally: thanks for helping us test, it’s invaluable! The Version 1 of will follow soon enough, so pay attention to our social channels for more information on that release.

Until then, enjoy and see you in the Alpha 🤙⚡