Non-Fungible Apps (NFAs): EIP Interfaces & Development Progress

Non-Fungible Apps (NFAs): EIP Interfaces & Development Progress


EIP Discussion: Interfaces & Call for Community Input

In our last update, we opened a discussion to build our EIP skeleton. Now, we’re furthering this initiative and we believe that community input is invaluable for the development and success of non-fungible applications as a standard at this point. We encourage you to participate in the discussion and share your insights here!

To continue with the EIP initiative, we plan to fork the EIP repository and update it with initial interfaces, effectively transforming the ongoing discussions into a tangible Proof of Concept (PoC). To achieve this, we have devised a three-phase approach:

We aim to maintain a modular approach by continuing to split contract features into submodules to maintain a lean and clean core interface. This will ensure flexibility and granularity in implementation as well! Read and contribute in these discussions:

NFA Check-In: Feature Updates & Discussions

NFA Minting UI

In Sprint 4, we expanded upon the simple UI for listing minted NFAs, which features the following updates:

Although our original roadmap placed the listing feature further down the road, we felt it was natural to include it in the current flow since the next hard part is to integrate Access Point creating and selecting that from a list of NFAs seemed like the correct flow. We’ve added a dummy version and will enhance its appearance closer to launch.


We have implemented subgraph updates, allowing minted NFAs to be indexed with The Graph’s playground. Users can select individual events, owners, tokens, and more with granularity in the graph playground. Some of the features include:

Give it a try for yourself here!

Ongoing Discussions on ENS Verification & Matchsticks Tests

We are exploring ways to make our ENS verifications as decentralized and efficient as possible. We want to be able to verify the owner of an ENS domain throughout the lifecycle of an NFA. If someone transfers ownership of an ENS address, we need to be able to flag this and remove ENS verification from the connected NFA.

In an effort to optimize our testing process, we have also explored the proposal of replacing matchstick tests with queries during this sprint. First brought forward by a member of the community, this is a proposal we have been exploring over the last few weeks. You can see, and contribute to, the discourse on GitHub!

Release Timeline

As work on NFAs progresses, we have updated our timelines and milestones:

We’ll be back with another update in approximately two weeks to share more on our EIP progress and other developments. Stay tuned and we’ll see ya then 👋

If you would like to be involved with the product development side, just reach out on Twitter or Discord!

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