Feb 8, 2023

Github Actions CI/CD Support on the CLI Beta

Github Actions CI/CD Support on the CLI Beta

Releases are hitting a weekly cadence over here! ⚡️ And this week, after previously releasing Sites Deployments on the CLI beta, we’re following-up with the first automated CI/CD deployment flow integration: Github Actions.

The TL;DR? With one command, you can configure a Github action for your repository that automatically builds and deploy your Fleek site to IPFS upon each commit, outputting the hash. As always, you can now find a how-to on this at our documentation!

Automatic Deployments with Github Actions

Today we’re integrating the first managed CI/CD pipeline option with Github Actions. With a quick command, you can create a configuration .yaml file that sets up a Github Action on your repository which will trigger automatic Fleek deployments each time a new commit is sent!

    > fleek sites ci
    ? Select provider you want to use for building and deploying your sites › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
    ❯   GitHub Actions - Generator of Github Actions YAML file

Just open up your project on the CLI, and use the fleek sites ci command. It will create the .yaml file and a Github workflows directory in your local repository, which you can commit to Github enabling the Action. From there, each commit you do will trigger the action, and generate an IPFS hash for the new deployment. Here’s a quick video on how to use this feature:

In the future, with the help of the CI you will be able to update domains and other important records that are related to a deployment.

Honorable Mentions & Fixes

We’ve also squashed quite a few bugs and packaged more improvements that we found thanks to all testers and their feedback. If you encounter anything on this release, give our Support repo a visit and open up an issue for the team.

Some rapid-fire additions and fixes on this release:

Found a bug, or want to suggest a feature? Visit our Discord and open an issue.

That’s all for today! A flash-release expanding our Sites Deployment features. What’s next in line for our release calendar? We’re working on adding custom domain management to the CLI next! Stay tuned to our Twitter or Discord to find out more about it.

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