Aug 31, 2023, the Closed Alpha Release, the Closed Alpha Release

The day is finally here– the first step of the new Fleek, both app and brand ⚡

Let’s set the stage: This is not the full release of the new Fleek app. Today marks the start of our initial closed testing phase, leading up to an open testing period, and later in September the full v1 release of the new app.

We wanted to draw a line in the sand in August to go public with a release, and force us to start gathering feedback early, and stress-test the platform before opening up with migration tools to move from

It’s an early release, not final, and it will be iterated upon. And that’s where testers come in to help ⚡Here’s how to join as a tester.

Become an Alpha Tester

We’re opening the app for users to test it and provide feedback during this closed alpha period. Applications start today on Discord! We will start approving and welcoming testers to use the app over the coming days!. It’s super easy to get involved:

  1. Apply: Apply Here
  2. Hold: The team will approve your submission and notify you in our Discord Server’s #Whitelisted channel!
  3. Learn: Check out our documentation early to get prepared.
  4. Test: Once approved, sign up to the platform and tell us what you think on Discord.

It’s important to note: that you can apply with an email, or a wallet, and you need to sign up with the same wallet once approved.

As an alpha tester, get early access to a few familiar features we’ve been improving for the release of the new platform. Here’s a quick overview of what you can start testing on as soon as approved.

Closed Alpha Features: Hosting, Templates, Storage, Gateways

Fleek - Closed Alpha Test features introducing banner


Get a web3 app live on web3 infrastructure, Fleek’s bread and butter. Connect your git provider, input your build details, and deploy a site as fast as Fleek, now backed to Filecoin/Arweave and served via IPFS. Deploy a site of your own or try one of our templates, directly on the new UI.


Configure ENS domains to serve as access points for your sites on Fleek, with automatic and gasless updates; or a traditional DNS. You can also create and manage IPNS records, changing the associated hashes on-demand.

Storage & Gateways

Store your files on Fleek! Upload files & folders, and try our new decentralized storage layer, using Arweave/Filecoin as the base layer, with a common IPFS addressability layer on top. This includes setting up custom gateways to access your storage content.


A newcomer to the platform, templates! Kick-start your new decentralized app with a boilerplate, or one of our use-case templates. Pick from our library, and soon build your own and submit it to our templates hub for the community to use.

A Note to Users users might be wondering about what will happen to their projects when we make the transition from to Don’t worry– nothing is changing right now. Simple migration tools and guides will come a little later down the road in September to help you onboard. In the meantime, apply to become a tester and get an early preview of the new and improved platform.

Wrapping it Up

Remember, what you’re seeing now is just the closed alpha of If you don’t end up getting approved for this closed testing period, don’t worry! The open V1 is just around the corner, with the full release of the platform following shortly after in September.

If you’re as excited for the release of v1 of as we are, apply to become an alpha tester and get hands-on with the new platform. We’re looking forward to seeing feedback from the community, and we’ll see you soon with the open testing period of the platform ⚡

Follow along with the release of here!