Sep 16, 2023

Fleek Changelog: Alpha Release, New Documentation, New CLI/SDK Version

Fleek Changelog: Alpha Release, New Documentation, New CLI/SDK Version

Hey there Fleek Freaks! The Fleek Alpha is here and new testers are being onboarded every day if you haven’t gotten access yet to the Alpha, what in Vitalik’s name are you waiting for?

With the release of the alpha, setting the foundations for the release of V1, we’re bringing back our frequent release notes updates at a constant cadence under a new name: Fleek Release Notes 📔

What can you expect from the release notes? We’ll be releasing our nitty-gritty changes in our documentation, and with each we’ll post a Fleek Release Notes that does a double-click on the highlights and links to how to start using things. We’ll cover:

Today, given it’s the initial release, we’ll cover the Alpha’s base features - expect the next one to cover the fixes and enhancements we found in testing this week!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it ⚡

New Features


In the new Fleek, we have introduced Projects, a way to organize your sites, files, and else. This alpha release allows you to:


In this initial release, users can deploy/host apps via a managed deployment CI/CD in the app, or opt for the the CLI-based deployments(a.k.a. Self-Managed and built deployments). Users can:


The alpha release introduces the revamped decentralized storage feature, with file pinning, with Arweave/Filecoin storage options and general IPFS addressability for all files. Users are able to:


In the alpha we also introduced several settings pages where you can test more advanced features, such as private gateways. Users are able to:

CLI/SDK version 0.7.0

Our CLI & SDK packages have been updated to v0.7.0 as well. [both have improvements described here]

You can find the CLI release here, and the SDK release here.

And this closes the first update from our team going into our closed Alpha. Expect all features from above to be expanded as we collect feedback and build around it.

See you soon! ⚡