Dec 8, 2023 to– Migration Preparation Details to– Migration Preparation Details

As we get ready for an exciting 2024, all the Fleek Freaks out there should take note of a significant change on the horizon: We’ll be sunsetting & fully migrating to towards the middle/end of Q1 2024. This transition marks more than just a domain change– it’s a significant move towards a more robust, resilient, and web3-aligned platform.

IMPORTANT: This is just an early warning, and there is no action you need to take this year. We just wanted to give plenty of heads up so everyone is aware of the changes coming in the new year.

Let’s go over some information you need to know to prepare:

Key Migration Details

The whole migration process will take less than a minute and our goal is to create a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your workflow:

Stay tuned for more information, as well as the rollout of tools and guides to help you migrate, coming at the start of 2024. SDK Deprecation

As part of the migration to and sunsetting of, the Storage SDK will also be sunset. This means that aside from migrating accounts, sites, and files, developers will also want to switch any previous references to the SDK in their codebase to the new SDK to ensure their applications and projects continue to operate at full functionality without any hiccups post official sunsetting and deprecation of

Guides on how to do this will be available in the new year 🤙

Throughout the migration, we will make sure you have all the tools, information, and time to make the change comfortably and confidently. Expect to see detailed guides and white glove support on both manual and automated migration options. As mentioned, the whole process will be as quick and simple as the click of a button.

For those who want to get familiar with the new platform early, feel free to reach out and we’ll get you access to the beta. For the latest updates and support through this process, join our Discord community:

We have a lot of big and exciting plans for the platform, so we are super excited for everyone to migrate over in the coming months– see you in the new year for a Fleektastic 2024 ⚡