Introducing Fleek Functions

Fleek v0.0.4 Release Notes: ENS Integration, Deployment Details, File Upload Size Limit Increase, and more to– Migration Preparation Details

Fleek v0.0.3 Release Notes: Project, Site, and Gateway Delete Options, QoL Improvements

Fleek v0.0.2 Release Notes: Primary Domains, Lens Template, Faster Upload Speeds

Fleek v0.0.1 Release Notes: Custom URL Slugs, Validation Improvements

Fleek Release Notes 02: UI Fixes & Improvements, Dark Mode as Default

Fleek Release Notes 01: Alpha Release, New Documentation, New CLI/SDK Version, the Closed Alpha Release

Fleek v0.6.0: ENS Domains Release

Embracing Decentralized Storage for V1 of

Fleek v0.5.0: Custom Domains for Private IPFS Gateways Release Platform Update

Exploring the Upgrades in Managed Deployments on ⚡

Fleek v0.4.0: Unified GraphQL Interface, Automatic IPNS Deployments, App Credentials

Preparing for Fleek Beta V0.4.0: Actions Needed

Improved CLI Error Handling Update

Improving Gateway Protection Against Phishing Effects

Road to Sunsetting: From to

The Fleek Node SDK Beta Has Released!

The Custom Domains Service Arrives to the CLI Beta!

Fleek Leak 04: Diving into Our Event-driven Architecture

Fleek Leak 03

Github Actions CI/CD Support on the CLI Beta

Sites Deployments Release on the CLI Beta.

Fleek Leak 02

The CLI Beta is Live, with IPFS Pinning & IPNS.

Fleek Leak 01

An Overview of’s Architecture

Introducing Fleek Network & ⚡️